– Liaising with the nominated Insurance Broker regarding the Body Corporate’s insurance requirements.

– Confirming with the Insurance Broker that all the insurance requirements are met, per the relevant Act, and insured under the policy and that all equipment is covered under the “All Risks” portion of the policy.

– Confirming with the insurance broker that the Trustees are insured against personal liability and indemnity.

– Advising when insurance valuations are due.

– With the assistance of the broker, conducting an annual review of the policy and obtaining annual insurance quotations in order to access premium comparisons.

– Confirming with the valuators that all necessary disclaimer notices are displayed where necessary as per the recommendations.

– Arranging an insurance valuation every three (3) years.

– With the assistance of the broker, managing any insurance claims, as received.

– Managing insurance claims, including geyser claims and damages to common property.

– Debiting insurance excesses to owners’ levy accounts under the instruction of the broker who will advise the excess due per the policy.

– With the assistance of our broker, Eagle Blue insures all schemes with Fidelity Cover, as required by the Community Schemes Ombud Services Act.