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Eagle Blue are managing agents, operating from offices in Edenvale. We have been in the property management industry since 1999.

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Eagle Blue operates from offices in Edenvale and has been in the property management industry since 1999

We strive to offer the best possible service, guiding our clients in their decisions, ensuring that the legal obligations in of the Sectional Titles Act and the Companies Act, (where applicable) are complied with.

Fully compliant with Estate Agency Affairs Board, with up to date Fidelity Fund Insurance. Independent auditors, certify compliance of all accounts for all complexes managed by Eagle Blue.

Eagle Blue is a full time Managing Agent and is registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB). As such, we comply with all EAAB requirements. Eagle Blue Management agents are required to be qualified and licensed with the EAAB and to have an FETC Real Estate NQF 4 or an NQF 5 qualification.

We are area specific and specialize in the management of Complexes in Gauteng East. We have over 21 years’ experience in residential Property Management.

Trustees and Directors are able to control their account via mandated payment release procedures or via authorization release protocols with all transaction records kept by Eagle Blue for Independent audit review on an annual basis. Monthly Financial Account Reports are provided.

We are voluntary members of NAMA and have signed their Code of Conduct, therefore ensuring that we act in the best interests of our clients at all times. Further to this we are registered with the Debt Collectors Council of South Africa.

Our Services

Sectional Title & Property Management Specialists

We are area specific and specialize in the management of Complexes in Gauteng East. We have over 21 years' experience in residential Property Management.

Eagle Blue operates from offices in Edenvale and has been in the property management industry since 1999.

We strive to offer the best possible service, guiding our clients in their decisions, ensuring that the legal obligations in and of the Sectional Titles Act and the Companies Act, (where applicable) are complied with.

Financial / Bookkeeping Services

  • Preparation and distribution of monthly levy statements to all owners.
  • Ensuring that legal fees for recovery are debited to owners and interest is charged on arrears owing.
  • Receipting of and allocating of monthly payments, per the bank statement.
  • Verifying and determining the amounts payable by the Body Corporate to fixed monthly creditors; such as Ekurhuleni, garden / security services etc.
  • Prompt payment of all monthly and ad hoc invoices by means of EFT’s, after authorization has been received from the designated Trustees.
  • Issuing of levy clearance figures and certificates on payment of figures.
  • Year-end preparation for audit purposes.
  • Following up with the auditors ensuring that the provisional tax returns are submitted as required by SARS.
  • Liaising with the Body Corporate auditors / accounting officers and assisting with the issuing of the Annual Financial Statements soon after the year-end.
  • Liaising with meter readers where applicable in order to obtain water and electricity debits to be included on the monthly levy statement, striving to get a full recovery between electricity and water expenditures and usages by the owners.
  • Preparation of a monthly financial report for the Trustees; this report includes the following:
    Balance sheet, trial balance year to date, income statement, reflecting the budget versus actual expenditure, bank reconciliations, full bank statement for the month under review, age analysis, levy roll, customer sales analysis.

Arrear Levy Collections

Eagle Blue are registered with the Debt Collectors Council of South Africa.

  • From the 10th of the month, contacting owners who have not paid their levy and/or other contributions.
  • Following the arrear policy and procedure set out by the Body Corporate.
  • Sending out of payment reminders, contacting owners telephonically and issuing of final demand letters, which are all done from our offices.
  • Handing over of defaulters to relevant attorneys, in order to proceed with the issuing of summons.
  • Liaising with the appointed attorneys and tracking of the accounts once handed over, until the account has been settled or the unit sold in a sale of execution.
  • We deal with Bennett McNaughton Attorneys in Edenvale for debt collection. Our clients have had good results from them. We will however deal with and work with any attorney of choice.

Meetings & AGMs

  • Preparation of the Annual General Meeting including the preparation of the agenda in terms of the Management Rules, preparing nominations and proxies and collation of the AGM Pack, adding the Trustees report, budget, levy schedules, replacement value schedules and audited financial statements. Dispatching of notices within the required time frame per the Act.
  • Attendance of the Annual General Meeting and taking minutes thereof.
  • Preparation of Special General Meetings: preparation of the agenda in terms of the Management Rules, preparing proxies and dispatching notices within the required time frame per the Act.
  • Attendance of the Special General Meetings of the Body Corporate and taking minutes thereof.
  • Storing electronic copies of all agendas, notices, proxies, nominations, attendance registers, etc.
  • Sending Domicilium updates to the Deeds Office after each AGM, as legally required.

General Administration

  • Sending out of bulk SMS’s and emails to all members as and when required or requested.
  • Distribution of notices, AGM packs, newsletters, to all members.
  • Drafting and distribution of letters to owners regarding Conduct Rule breaches and the relevant enforcement thereof.
  • Liaising with the attorneys in respect of units that have been handed over for continual breaches of the rules.
  • Keeping of permanent records for the Body Corporate.
  • Giving the Trustees advice per the rules and regulations of the Sectional Titles Act as and when required.


  • Liaising with the nominated insurance broker regarding the Scheme’s insurance requirements.
  • Ensuring that all the insurance requirements per the Management Rules are insured under the policy.
  • Obtaining of annual insurance quotations in order to obtain price comparisons.
  • Preparation of the replacement value schedule for review and approval at the AGM.
  • Administration of insurance claims and following of the internal insurance procedure to conclude the claim; including the debiting of insurance excesses where applicable and liaising with the unit owner and contractor where applicable.

Staff Requirement

  • Processing of the monthly payroll. Updating of sick leave, annual leave onto the payroll system.
  • Payment of UIF and submission of monthly UIF returns using UFILING.
  • Payments of PAYE where applicable.
  • Annual payment of Workman’s Compensation.
  • Keeping of staff records; including contracts, copies of pay slips, leave records etc.
  • Liaising with a Labour Consultant regarding disciplinary action required, where applicable and under the direct instructions from the Trustees.

NB:  It must be noted that Eagle Blue does not supervise staff

CSOS (Community Schemes Ombud Service) and the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act 2011

The Department of Human Settlements has proposed major changes in terms of Management Rules as well as proposed the introduction of an Ombud’s Office for Sectional Title disputes. The Sectional Title Schemes Management Act, along with the Community Schemes Ombud Service have been gazetted, with effect from the 1st of October 2016.



Below listed the major changes, which will effect each and every complex in South Africa.


An Ombud's office has been opened, this office will be dealing with all Sectional Title Disputes. Owners have the right to lodge their "disputes" with the Ombud. The CSOS has been established in terms of the Community Scheme Ombud Act 2011 [Act 9 of 2011] to regulate the conduct of parties within community schemes and ensure good governance. They will provide an alternative, impartial and transparent service for the resolution of unresolved disputes in community schemes.

Members and non-members (tenants) can refer disputes to the Ombud. This will result in us having to employee a compliance officer to attend to the required documentation to substantiate the Trustees/Body Corporate's case at the Ombud.

The cost of the Ombud Service is nominal, starting from R50.00 for an application and R100.00 for an adjudication. Further to these charges, the Body Corporate, at this stage, will be liable to pay a monthly levy over to the Ombud. The tariffs have been calculated per unit per month and are based on the levies payable by the members in the scheme.

The Ombud levy contributions are calculated as follows:

R0.00 - R500.00           -   R0.00 contribution

R501.00 - R2 499.00    -   2% monthly contribution per unit

R2 500.00 and above  -   A maximum contribution of R40.00 is payable per unit per month

Proposed Management Rules in terms of Section 10 (2)(a) of the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act, 2011

The current Prescribed Management Rules in the Sectional Titles Ac 95 of 1986 will fall away. These Management Rules will be replaced by the Management Rules contained in the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act. There are some positive changes and some adverse changes. The most important changes are discussed below:

Reserve Funds

The new Sectional Titles Schemes Management (STSM) Act dictates that each Body Corporate must have 25% of their current annual income in a reserve fund for future maintenance. This reserve must remain at 25% of the annual income and must be placed in a separate banking account.

Funds may not be transferred from the Reserve account to the current account to cover the running costs of the scheme. Most of our clients have separate banking accounts and we have always recommended that our clients build up their reserves. The bad news is, if a Body Corporate does not have sufficient reserves upon implementation of the new STSM Act, a special levy will need to be raised to ensure sufficient reserves can be put in place.

Maintenance plans

All Bodies Corporate will have to ensure that a proficient 10-year maintenance plan is set up, upon implementation of the STSM Act. The maintenance plan must include all substantial repairs and refurbishments that do not form part of the day to day maintenance of the scheme. In this regard it is recommended that accredited companies or contractors draw up this maintenance plan. The positive of this change is that it prevents the deteriorating of a building.

Insurance cover

The STSM Act requires that all buildings are insured for landslip and subsidence and riot. These items are currently excluded from all policies as the insurers will not carry this risk on basic policies. This amendment will seriously affect the ability to find insurance cover and it will also affect the premium costs.

General liability insurance

The STSM Act requires sufficient liability insurance for Trustees as well as the Managing Agent. This will require proper procedures to be implemented when appointing contractors, ensuring that contractors have Workman's Compensation cover and that the contractors sign for full liability of their staff and sub-contractors. A lot of emphasis will be placed on health and safety in the building and compliance with relevant acts in this regard.

Proxies and quorum requirements

The new STSM Act places a limitation on the number of proxies that a chairperson may carry. The chairperson is only allowed two (2) proxies. The STSM Act is also proposing that the quorum requirements are set at one third of the members present or represented by proxy. The reprieve is that if an owner owns many units in the complex, and hands in a proxy, that proxy counts as only one vote.

Resolutions passed at AGM's or SGM's

The STSM Act has included a rule that states that the Trustees must wait one week before implementing a resolution passed at a Meeting of the Body Corporate in order to determine if any owners have objection to same.  This rule is a major concern as this will affect any resolutions that were duly passed by the members at the meeting forming a legal quorum.

Levy collections and voting rights

The STSM Act states that owners can vote and serve as Trustees whilst in arrears, and until judgment has been taken against them by a Court of Law or a Judicator (CSOS). Further to this, the STSM Act states that the owner will be liable for legal fees incurred with regard to the collection of levies, but they have to consent to payment of same before the fees can be debited.

Managing Agents

The STSM Act proposes that Executive Managing Agents (appointed by the passing of a special resolution) have the full power of a Trustee to make decisions regarding the scheme, maintenance etc. but must then report to the members on a quarterly basis as to the items that have attended to and the financial status of the scheme. We, as Managing Agents, will have to ensure that Trustees are actually fulfilling their duties and obligations.

Tenants contact details as well as the Rental Housing Act

The STSM Act states that the Body Corporate must keep full records of Trustees, members and tenants. These records must include full names, ID numbers/passport numbers, section and mailing address, telephone numbers and email addresses. Due to the fact that a tenants can lodge a dispute with the Ombud, this information is required. Move-in policies and procedures will have to be implemented, noting the additional admin that this requires.

Further to this, the STSM Act states that any member who leases a unit to a tenant is responsible to ensure that the system, i.e. Rules, Water & Electricity prepaid meters etc. used does not infringe on the rights of the tenant in terms of Rental Housing Act or any other law. This means that decisions taken by the Trustees and Body Corporate have to be considerate to the Rental Housing Act, and the Constitution.

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